Carole Collet

Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures
CSM LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation and Director of Design & Living Systems Lab at Central Saint Martins UAL.




Carole Collet is Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London where she has been appointed CSM-LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation in 2017. In this role, Collet set up Maison/0, an incubator of sustainable intelligence designed to provoke creative practices and challenge our collective futures. Collet is also Director of the Design & Living Systems Lab, a research lab that explores the interface of biological sciences and design to propose new sustainable models of biofabrication.

Carole Collet has dedicated her career to developing a new sustainable vision for design, and founded the Masters of Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins in 2000.  Her research focuses on exploring the intersection of biology and design to explore innovative and disruptive sustainable design propositions. She curated the first international exhibition that explores biodesign via the lens of sustainability in 2013 (Alive, New Design Frontiers).

Her curatorial approach questions the emerging role of the designer when working with living materials and technologies such as synthetic biology, and establishes an original framework for designing with the living. Her design research project Biolace has been exhibited around the world in 30 international shows including the Universal Expo in 2015 and has been widely cited in book publications and catalogues. One of Collet’s characteristics is that she takes on different research roles, from designer, to curator and educator. This enables her to develop an informed critique of both the design outputs and the design contexts, from making knowledge to framing knowledge.

Carole’s work has been featured in international exhibitions and she regularly contributes to conferences on the subject of textile futures, biodesign, biomimicry, synthetic biology, future manufacturing and bio-materiality, sustainable design, design for the bioeconomy and climate change.

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